It is a modular system with excellent productivity, used in all stages of a project, from the foundation blocks to the walls, columns, slabs and beams bottom of a concrete structure. It permits the most diverse geometries from the polygonal to circular, in any situation or terrain. Light weighted (31 kg / m2), it can be handled by one operator, without the need of a crane for transportation and individual application.

DSC_0025 DSC_0027

The panels are designed for a maximum pressure of 40 KN / m2 and consist of metal frame, protected against oxidation with fire galvanizing. The plywood must be 12mm.

System requirements:

• ensure the geometry
• ensure the parts positioning
• maintain the stability of the “fresh” concrete
• protect the new concrete
• limit water loss
• enable the achievement of specified surfaces
• allow the positioning of other elements in the parts
• prevent the escape of fine aggregates
• self-weight of the concrete
• height and speed release
• vibration
• temperature
• service overload

Basic components:

POP Rivet 1/4
Plywood with phenolic resin, 12mm
Metallic structure

Required Products:
Internal corner 200 X 1500
Panel 900 X 1500
Panel 600 X 1500
Panel 300 X 1500
Internal Corner 1500
Supplement 1500 (for 14mm plywood)