Anchor Bar ACRT® (Traction Resistance Finishing)

Torcisão Anchor Bars are patented and manufactured with the highest technology of mechanical plastic forming of metals. The thread is robust and easy to use in construction. The profile (drawing thread) was developed by our engineers, creating a unique standard called ACRT®. Being an exclusivity of Torcisão, ACRT makes our bars much superior than the others in the traditional market. An exclusive channel developed in the thread profile enables the flow of impurities such as sand grains, avoiding unwanted locks of the nut at the time of installation. Supplied with, Ø 5/8″ and Ø ¾ “, size varies by application, being manufactured with a maximum length of six meters. They can also be manufactured with nuts or welded flanges.

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Torcisão Anchor Bar is a patented product. Do not accept products with this profile that are not provided by Torcisão.