Linear threaded elements used to transfer tensile loads in geotechnical and civil applications, such as:

– Geotechnical: support walls for deep excavations (permanent or temporary), soil stabilization and retaining;
– Construction: prestressed concrete structures, structural reinforcement in slabs and columns.

Manufactured with the highest technology of mechanical formation and sized in gauges and special steels to meet the different workloads requested by civil engineering.

The prestressing rods TOR line have a great technical advantage since they facilitate the concreting process with high adhesion to the grout through the continuous helical thread system. The set may consist of anchor plates that better distribute the stresses on the structure, couplers for lengths over six meters, angle base and special nut which offset angles between 10 ° and 30 ° when applied in a tilted condition, nuts and locknuts.

The anchor plates can be supplied in other sizes as required in the project.

Line TOR rods are manufactured with special threads that facilitate the application of couplers and nuts. The length of the bars varies according to the application being provided to the maximum length of six meters.