In constant development, Torcisão seeks to expand the associations to become increasingly representative in the Brazilian Society.

Partnership is what reaffirms Torcisão commitment with the country’s growth and our contribution to the Civil Construction segment.

Our targets are clear and always evolving:

  • Defend the interests of the segment.
  • Encourage individual and collective progress of the category and its members.
  • Disseminate technical and administrative knowledge among associated members.
  • Disseminate among members and users, standards and technical and legal procedures applicable to the sector.
  • Participate in discussions of technical regulations governing the segment.
  • Encourage and ensure the ethical relationship among associates and their ethical relationship with third parties.
  • Maintain national and international exchanges with similar institutions.
  • Group the members on technical divisions, according to their interests and activities.
  • Foment the establishment of regional centers of the association.



Torcisão is associated with ABMS – Brazilian Association of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.


Torcisão is associated with CTB – Brazilian Committee of Tunnels









The Brazilian National Committee of Production and Transmission of Electricity CIGRÉ-Brazil – is a civil, non-profit, founded in 1971, which aims to promote exchanges and technical, technological development, and engineering in Brazil in the field of production of electricity, transmission and distribution for high voltage.