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Torcisão has been in the market for  over 47 years and it started its  activities in the development of  materials for the automotive industry  which required a rigorous technical  and quality control. In 2006, with the  expansion of the construction market  in Brazil, the company identified a  market opportunity and leveraging its  technical expertise, expanded its  activities to this segment, creating Torcisão Industrial, which initially specialized in manufacturing accessories for shoring, formwork and scaffolding. We work under a modern management model, with excellence in service, strict quality control and skilled professionals. We invest in equipment upgrade and professional training to develop and manufacture the best products for construction and infrastructure projects. A history of quality, commitment to deadlines and high technical level, conquered the confidence of the largest rental and construction companies in the country, making up Torcisão the leader in this segment.

– 6,000 square meters of built-up area
– 100% Customer Satisfaction
– Excellent Delivery Time
– Competitive Pricing
– Machinery and Modern Equipment
– High Productivity
– Project Engineering
– Quality Assurance
– Warranty
– Industrial Secrecy
– Reliability

Promote progress, satisfaction, corporate and social success.
Stand out in the market and be the best company in accessories and equipment for the construction industry.

Humbleness, ethics, trust, transparency, integrity, environmental awareness and social value.